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Having an Enjoyable Sex Life Throughout Life

06.25.2020 In the final interview in the miniseries, Cami Hurst and Dr. Chelsea discuss a multitude of strategies for healthy, pain-free, enjoyable sex even into the later halves of our lives. Learn how to recognize and work with your body as it changes with age.

Healing Your Body After a Pregnancy

06.13.2020 – Continuing in the miniseries interview with Cami Hurst, Marriage & Family Counselor and Sex Therapist, we discuss in Episode 21the journey of healing after a pregnancy and what care should look like for women.

Treating Painful Sex

06.04.2020 – Dr. Chelsea did a miniseries of interviews by Cami Hurst, Marriage and Family Counselor and Sex Therapist. In Episode 20, we cover what treating painful sex can look like and navigating this challenging conversation.

Mindful Birth, Peaceful Earth Podcast

11.19.2019 – Dr. Chelsea was the guest on Mindful Birth, Peaceful Earth podcast hosted by Holly Lammer and Jayme Crockett. We dive into what a woman can do to prepare their body prior to conception, through the pregnancy and after delivery.