Moving Towards Menopause In Boise

As we continue through life, our hormones change, and with that so can a person’s pelvic health. Perhaps sex used to be comfortable but has progressively become less enjoyable due to vaginal dryness, decrease in tissue elasticity, change in blood flow, and more. Many women will notice the onset of or increase in urinary leakage (incontinence) as they age. This is in part due to the muscle fibers decreasing in quality and quantity. However, just as with any other form of physical activity, the more you use the muscles, the better the function will remain.

So let’s help you regain control of those bladder urges, incontinence, your sex life, or whatever symptoms you may be experiencing! We will create a customized plan to help you strengthen the pelvic floor, improve your control, and minimize aches and pains keeping these changes from slowing you down.

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Alyssa H

“I had a great experience! Dr. Chelsea made me feel extremely comfortable from the very first appointment. She answered all of my questions and helped me address all of the issues I had been experiencing. Highly recommend!” 

Nicole C

“Dr. Chelsea is an incredibly intuitive and caring healer.  We’ve recommended several patients to her clinic, and have heard nothing but the absolute best (even from those who drove several hours to see her).”